Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back on the menu, the schools are open again, and that can only mean one thing… Autumn is back! Whilst often overlooked in favour of summer getaways, autumn can be a stunning time to get away and see the UK and Europe with less heat and fewer crowds. We’ve compiled a little list to inspire you when you book your next trip away in a motorhome.

Whitby, England

The Yorkshire seaside town is packed with people in summer, but in autumn you can have a little more space to breathe and enjoy your quaint surroundings. Whitby leans into its gothic roots all year round, with spiritual shops and events, but autumn is where is really steps it up a gear, adding extra interest to your trip.

Alsace Region, France

This beautiful area of the world offers both majestic scenery and cosy hideaways, making it perfect for an autumn getaway. Visit the historical old town of Colmar, with it’s pubs, cafes and shops that have remained untouched for hundreds of years.

Nearby is medieval Castle Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg. It’s an incredible step back in time and has been painstakingly preserved. Strategically built on a hill, it offers incredible views of the surrounding area. In autumn, this means you can see the changing colours of the leaves in all their glory.

Beautiful Old Town in the Alsace

NC500, Scotland

The NC500 is one of the UK’s most popular road trips, and it’s even more beautiful in autumn. You’ll be able to feel more remote without the summer holiday families, with some areas seeming like you have it entirely to yourselves.

You’re also much less likely to suffer from the dreaded Scottish midges while you enjoy a Lochside stroll!

Snowdon, Wales

One of the most popular destinations for walkers, Snowdon is picturesque all year round. While winter often becomes treacherous for walking many of the trails in the area, and summer means popular routes such as the Watkin Path are packed out, autumn offers the best of all worlds. On a clear day, you can expect ideal walking temperatures, and an uninterrupted hike.

Another added benefit of autumn is it is much easier to get a sunrise or sunset hike in, to really see all the oranges and reds of the leaves in stunning “golden hour” lighting.

Pendle, England

The Lancashire borough of Pendle is just under an hour from our Motorhome Rent UK depot. Visitors can enjoy Pendle Hill walks, doable for children and easy enough to tackle on a crisp autumn day. Around October time you can also indulge in Halloween activities, as this area is famous for it’s witches!

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