Top Tips For Keeping Cool On Your Trips!

Top Tips For Keeping Cool On Your Trips!

Feeling Hot Hot Hot?
The UK is looking unbelievable in this beautiful weather – but if you need a hand keeping chilled in the heat, we have plenty of solutions for you!

Our on site accessories shop is packed with useful items to keep you cool on your motorhome rental.

1. Portable Air Conditioning
Of course, the best way of cooling down is to chill the space you are in. Portable air conditioning units can go anywhere, using their battery OR powered through 12v point. The best part is, once you’re home from your rental holiday, it can go in your office, bedroom or keep your dogs cool while you’re out at work!

Total Cool 3000 on display and on sale in our accessories shop – £340


2. North Facing Pitches
If a shaded pitch isn’t available, try and pitch up with your largest windows facing north so they will get the least amount of sun.

3. Put Your Sheets in the Freezer
To keep you cool at night, pop your pillowcases or your sheets in the freezer. Bring them out just before you go to bed, and this should keep you cool enough to fall asleep.

All our rental vehicles come with a freezer compartment in the kitchen.

However, should you want more freezer space, Total Cool Portable Freezers start from £350, on sale now in our accessories shop.

  1. Dine Al Fresco
    Warm nights are what BBQs were made for! If just the thought of turning on your oven makes you feel too hot, get your BBQ in the shade and grill up some treats.

Our full CADAC range is on display in our shop – including paella pans, pizza stones and Safari Chef BBQs, so you can try any cuisine while relaxing outdoors!

We have a huge range of Cadac BBQs in stock – perfect for these reipes!

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