Oktoberfest: Plan your trip today!

Oktoberfest: Plan your trip today!

Oktoberfest: Plan Your Trip Today!

The German festival of Oktoberfest has dramatically risen in popularity over recent years. The mix of Bavarian culture, music and of course, beer, has drawn thousands of tourists and natives alike to the celebrations.

What Is Oktoberfest?

The traditional festival of Oktoberfest is held in Munich, Germany. It is a folk festival that celebrates the heritage of the area, and is known for its fantastic beer tents.

When is Oktoberfest?

The celebrations run from mid/late September to the first weekend in October. Originally, the festival was held in October (hence the name) but the dates changed over time to enjoy the warmer September weather. Visitors can attend for a day or for the full duration.

Is Oktoberfest Family Friendly?

Of course, beer drinking is a huge part of the Oktoberfest celebrations. However, guidelines for the festival limit music levels before 6pm. So in general during the day the atmosphere is more traditional with brass bands.

There is a large carnival on the Oktoberfest site, with plenty of funfair attractions and food stalls serving traditional German food.

In the evening, the festival tents have more of a modern party atmosphere which may not be as fun for families to enjoy together. So as the sun goes down, that could be a good time to relax in your motorhome!

Are There Places to Take a Motorhome or Caravan near Oktoberfest?

Yes, there are campsites with transport links direct to Oktoberfest. As you can imagine, these get booked up so advance reservations are essential.

How long would it Take Me to Drive to Munich from You?

Technically, you can drive there in 16 hours. However, to be safe (and much more enjoyable) we would recommend breaking down the journey into at least a couple of days. There are some lovely stop points you can go to on the way through France and Germany. Some people base their whole trip around Oktoberfest, but for others it is an interesting part of a busier itinerary.

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