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Mother’s Day trips and gift ideas!

If you’re still struggling for a unique Mother’s Day gift this year why not book her (or treat yourself!) a trip to remember in one of our brand new motorhomes? With plenty of famous locations to visit and landscapes to see, the UK is brimming with destinations to make your Mothers Day gift extra special this year. Here’s our top five picks:

Bath Thermae Spa and Roman Baths:

Providing entertainment for any age Bath is perfect for a family trip. If travelling with little ones the towns namesake ‘Roman Baths’ are a must visit. With children’s audio guides and Roman characters providing plenty of entertainment for youngsters and some much deserved quiet for mums. Another attraction not to be missed is the Thermae Spa- Britains original natural thermal spa. Great for a relaxing Mother’s Day morning before an afternoon tea treat!

Leicestershire Flower Arranging:

Located in the picturesque Vale of Belvoir, Rose Cottage Floristry workshops make for a perfect way to while away a day on your Mother’s Day weekend away. With many camping sites located close by you’ll have a great base to visit the nearby Belvoir Castle or take a leisurely walk through Sherwood Forest- the original home of Robin Hood!


No visit to Edinburgh is complete without a visit to the famous Castle. With special events ranging from Medieval fashions to a live demonstration of the Jacobite ‘Rebels and Redcoats’ War there’s always something to entertain young and old alike! Similarly, a true celebration of art, history and science rolled into one, The National Museum of Scotland is a must see, featuring treasures from the story of Scotland and our planet.



Only a 2 hour drive from our depot, York remains as one of the most popular destinations to get a true English experience. Whether you visit the impressive York Minster and test the 1280 Chapter House Whispering Gallery or take a walk down The Shambles- the inspiration for Harry Potters Diagon Alley you will be sure to find something to entertain the whole family. If you find tummies are rumbling York is the place to be. The famous Bettys tea room is perfect for treating Mum to an afternoon tea or the entertaining York Chocolate museum offers plenty of treats to take back to your motorhome for later!

Lake District:

A favourite for many motorhomer’s, The Lake District couldn’t be a more picturesque destination for a Mothers Day trip. From long country walks and pub lunches, to a visit to the Lake Districts’ most loved author Beatrix Potters former home and gallery, the Lakes’ offers fun for all the family making it a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.


Holidays – They’re Good For Your Health

As caravanners and motorhomers will undoubtedly agree, holidays are often the highlight of the year – whether they’re for a weekend or a whole season. But as well as being relaxing and fun, travel is quickly emerging as being good for your health (even with a sunset glass of vino or two in your awning!). Here’s a few of the ways your trips are keeping you in good nick:

They give your body a chance to repair itself

According to Karen Matthews of Mind Body Center at the University of Pittsburgh, taking a break from your normal routine or work schedule allows your body to repair and replenish itself on a physical and mental level. The centre surveyed 1,399 participants recruited for studies on cardiovascular disease, breast cancer and other conditions, and found that leisure activities, including taking vacations, contributed to higher positive emotional levels and less depression among the participants.

Exposure to the outdoors makes your immune system stronger

For a long time, the key to an illness and allergy free life was a sterile, totally clean environment. However, studies now show that without regular exposure to relatively harmless dirt, pollen and germs, the body becomes less adept at battling illnesses. The more you travel, particularly through rural locations, the stronger your body becomes as it tackles all the microbes it comes in to contact with. This is especially beneficial for children growing up – so next time the kids arrive at the caravan covered in mud, take a breath and think of the health benefits!

A change of scenery encourages a healthy memory

Holidays give us pleasant memories, which we often bring back to the forefront of our minds for reminiscing. When we’re in our day-to-day routine, there can often be whole weeks go by without something significant to look back on. Having memories you like to think back to works the brain like a muscle – and keeps the your memory function in good shape!

Planning your trips keeps you sharp

In a similar way to the point above, thinking of something new challenges the brain and keeps it in great condition. Planning out a route, researching sites and locations, booking ferries etc all push your mind. Even once you’ve arrived, your brain keeps ticking away to get you familiarised with a new place.