Glastonbury 2020 Update

Glastonbury 2020 Update

Following the news of the cancellation of Glastonbury 2020, we wanted to reassure our customers about our policy during this uncertain time.

Can I Keep My Booking?

Yes, of course. If you would like to keep your booked dates for 2020, we are happy to keep you booked in. There is nothing you need to do at this point to keep these dates, we will be doing that automatically.

What If We Are Only Allowed Essential-Only Travel in June?

If you do not want to cancel at that point, we will issue vouchers for the price of your rental to be redeemed on dates of your choice (subject to motorhome availability).

Can I Roll Over My Booking to Glastonbury 2021?

Yes you can. Glastonbury tickets can be rolled across to next year, and we will roll over your motorhome booking too, and honour our 2020 prices. To do this, please email

Can I Cancel My Booking?

Yes. At the moment our normal cancellation policy applies, and you would not receive your deposit back. However, should an essential travel only ban extend into June you will then be able to receive vouchers for the full value of your trip.

My Question Isn’t Covered in the Answers Above, How Can I Get in Touch?

Please email our rental manager Katie at . As I’m sure you can appreciate, we are very busy with enquiries at the moment, but we will aim to be back to you with an answer or resolution within 72 hours.

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