Christmas Motorhome Hire Offer!

Christmas Motorhome Hire

Christmas Motorhome Hire Offer!

Want to get away over Christmas and New Year? Travelling to visit friends and family? Take your home comforts with you with our Christmas Motorhome Hire Special Offer!

Hire from Tuesday 19th December 2023 and return on Wednesday 3rd January 2024 from just £850!

We’ve got a fleet of over 30 vehicles to choose from in various layouts, ranging from panel van style campervans to A Class motorhomes – explore them and pick your favourite!

Many people over the Christmas and New Year period do a lot of driving and visiting. Motorhome hire is a fantastic way to ensure you’ve plenty of room for everything you’d like to bring (using the garage spaces to hide kids’ presents, anyone?). Motorhomes also mean you have your own space, taking the burden off your hosts. You’ve even got your own kitchen if you want to lend a hand with Christmas Dinner!

Alternatively, if you’re looking to get away from it all, we recommend finding somewhere on, a great hub of caravan and motorhome sites across the UK and Europe. Winter is a fantastic time for motorhome hire, as they are fully heated with hot water.

Do You Allow Dogs?

Yes! There is a one off extra fee of £40 to allow for extra cleaning, but other than that your furry friends are welcome to join. This makes motorhome hire an ideal choice for anyone visiting family or friends that are wary of dogs in their house. Christmas kennel fees are expensive, and what is the festive season without your pups?!

Can I Go Abroad With The Christmas Motorhome Hire Offer?

Yes, you can! There is an additional supplement to upgrade the insurance given as standard to cover the EU. Once that’s sorted, you’re good to hit the ferry or Eurostar and explore the continent!

Christmas Motorhome Hire

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