Brand New Weinsberg 4 Berth Campervan Added to Rental Fleet!

We’re pleased to announce that we have added an extra campervan to our fleet. We’re experiencing even more demand than usual with the UK’s biggest ever appetites for Staycations, so bookings are bound to go quickly!

The unusual 4 berth double bunk bed design is perfect for couples or families who want a campervan to explore in.

As with all our models, this campervan comes with full washroom and kitchen facilities.

To book, please call 01772 685848 or email


Glastonbury 2020 Update

Following the news of the cancellation of Glastonbury 2020, we wanted to reassure our customers about our policy during this uncertain time.

Can I Keep My Booking?

Yes, of course. If you would like to keep your booked dates for 2020, we are happy to keep you booked in. There is nothing you need to do at this point to keep these dates, we will be doing that automatically.

What If We Are Only Allowed Essential-Only Travel in June?

If you do not want to cancel at that point, we will issue vouchers for the price of your rental to be redeemed on dates of your choice (subject to motorhome availability).

Can I Roll Over My Booking to Glastonbury 2021?

Yes you can. Glastonbury tickets can be rolled across to next year, and we will roll over your motorhome booking too, and honour our 2020 prices. To do this, please email

Can I Cancel My Booking?

Yes. At the moment our normal cancellation policy applies, and you would not receive your deposit back. However, should an essential travel only ban extend into June you will then be able to receive vouchers for the full value of your trip.

My Question Isn’t Covered in the Answers Above, How Can I Get in Touch?

Please email our rental manager Katie at . As I’m sure you can appreciate, we are very busy with enquiries at the moment, but we will aim to be back to you with an answer or resolution within 72 hours.


Glastonbury 2020: Book Your Motorhome Rental!

The dust has barely settled on the Pyramid Stage, but we are already taking bookings for Glastonbury 2020.

To reserve a motorhome before tickets are released in October, we will take a £300 deposit (which will be deducted from your final hire balance).

What if I don’t get tickets?

If you do NOT get tickets, notify us within 48 hours and we will refund your deposit.

Does this include resale?

No, deposits will only be refunded within 48 hours of the initial Glastonbury ticket sale. This allows us enough time to replace your booking.

How do I reserve a motorhome for Glastonbury 2020?

Call us on 01772 687407 or email to check availability and to reserve a motorhome.


Mother’s Day trips and gift ideas!

If you’re still struggling for a unique Mother’s Day gift this year why not book her (or treat yourself!) a trip to remember in one of our brand new motorhomes? With plenty of famous locations to visit and landscapes to see, the UK is brimming with destinations to make your Mothers Day gift extra special this year. Here’s our top five picks:

Bath Thermae Spa and Roman Baths:

Providing entertainment for any age Bath is perfect for a family trip. If travelling with little ones the towns namesake ‘Roman Baths’ are a must visit. With children’s audio guides and Roman characters providing plenty of entertainment for youngsters and some much deserved quiet for mums. Another attraction not to be missed is the Thermae Spa- Britains original natural thermal spa. Great for a relaxing Mother’s Day morning before an afternoon tea treat!

Leicestershire Flower Arranging:

Located in the picturesque Vale of Belvoir, Rose Cottage Floristry workshops make for a perfect way to while away a day on your Mother’s Day weekend away. With many camping sites located close by you’ll have a great base to visit the nearby Belvoir Castle or take a leisurely walk through Sherwood Forest- the original home of Robin Hood!


No visit to Edinburgh is complete without a visit to the famous Castle. With special events ranging from Medieval fashions to a live demonstration of the Jacobite ‘Rebels and Redcoats’ War there’s always something to entertain young and old alike! Similarly, a true celebration of art, history and science rolled into one, The National Museum of Scotland is a must see, featuring treasures from the story of Scotland and our planet.



Only a 2 hour drive from our depot, York remains as one of the most popular destinations to get a true English experience. Whether you visit the impressive York Minster and test the 1280 Chapter House Whispering Gallery or take a walk down The Shambles- the inspiration for Harry Potters Diagon Alley you will be sure to find something to entertain the whole family. If you find tummies are rumbling York is the place to be. The famous Bettys tea room is perfect for treating Mum to an afternoon tea or the entertaining York Chocolate museum offers plenty of treats to take back to your motorhome for later!

Lake District:

A favourite for many motorhomer’s, The Lake District couldn’t be a more picturesque destination for a Mothers Day trip. From long country walks and pub lunches, to a visit to the Lake Districts’ most loved author Beatrix Potters former home and gallery, the Lakes’ offers fun for all the family making it a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.


Our Fleet Increases Again!

Our Motorhome Rental fleet is gaining 5 new models this week! Glen, Brian, Mike, Tim and Mick are all travelling to the Sunlight factory in Germany. There, they’ll be collecting our 2018 models to drive back to Blackpool Road.

900 Miles to Bring Our Motorhome Rental Fleet Home
The journey will cover over 900 miles and takes 2 days. So when our potential rental customers ask us about how each model drives over long distance, we’ll know from direct experience! The team will travel through Germany towards France, and then board the Eurotunnel to get back to the UK.

Motorhomes To Suit Your Needs
We have chosen our 2018 fleet to recognise the diverse needs of all our customers. Our 10 vehicles range from 2 to 6 berths, with a variety of layouts. We are dog friendly, but also provide deep cleaning on each motorhome so as to be suitable for allergy sufferers.
So, whether you are looking for a romantic long weekend or a full family road trip, we’ll have the motorhome for you – and all at a very competitive price.

Are You Interested in Motorhome Rental?
Call us today on 01772 685949 or make an enquiry through our form here. Prices start from just £50 per night. The latest models will be available to view following a full inspection by our PDI team. If you’d like to view one of our motorhome rental models, give us a call to book in a viewing so we can ensure it is ready for you to have a look at, or ask at reception if you are popping by the dealership.


New additions for 2018!

Our motorhome rental fleet has now increased with the arrival of 3 new Sunlight motorhomes. Fresh from the factory in Germany, these models will be available for hire in the coming weeks.

The arrival of these models mean we can offer an even greater choice of layouts and sizes – from a 2 berth campervan to a 6 berth family motorhome. So, whether you’re planning a couple’s road trip or a memorable family holiday, we’ll have the ideal motorhome rental solution for you. The past year has shown a huge popularity for motorhome holidays in the UK and to Europe, and we’re excited to be welcoming returning customers and new faces for 2018.

If you are interested in motorhome hire, bookings and enquiries can be made online or email


Customer Review – A Family Friendly Way to Enjoy Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury 2017- our best yet?!

My wife and I have been going to Glastonbury Festival and various other music festivals for years. They are without doubt the highlight of our summer. We love them, but the camping side of things can be tough (hangovers and tents aren’t a good mix!). It’s ok for a few days, but at Glastonbury we work as volunteers in the Kidz Field, which means camping on site for over a week.

So with the arrival of twins last year you might have thought that our days of festivalling would be over, at least for a few years. We did skip 2016, but as the summer rolled round again this year we were determined not to miss out and instead decided try to find a way of attending a festival with two 14 month olds without it being a total disaster.

Can A  Festival Be Family Friendly?

Once the reserve of utopian hippies and drunk teenagers, festivals have diversified and now attract wide-ranging audience of all ages, including thousands of families with children. Most festivals now sell motorhome/caravan passes and it’s an increasingly popular way of attending, particularly amongst families, more mature revellers and frankly anyone who just wants to enjoy a festival in a bit more comfort. Motorhome/caravan passes generally range from an extra £50 – £100 (on top of your ticket) depending on the festival and size of tourer.

I contacted Motorhome Rent UK when I found out they had started a rental operation and I’m so glad I did. The sales team has a wealth of knowledge and after discussing our requirements they were able to point us in the direction of the suitable vans. It turns out many motorhomes do have rear seats with three point seatbelts, suitable for attaching child seats.

Our first thought, when we got it home to load, was just how much space we had to pack all our things! Travelling as light as possible is usually a festival requirement, but that would have been a real challenge with all the babies’ stuff so it was great not to have to worry so much about lugging all our belongings to camp, as we would be able to drive it right on site!

The babies were acting up on the second leg of our journey, and usually this would have meant multiple stops, but my wife was able to sit across from them in the back and keep them entertained. Being able to do this was also really useful when we were queuing to get onto the festival sight itself.

Easy and Practical

We arrived on the hottest day of the year; festival arrival usually means manically searching for the best pitch, putting up a tent in the rain/dark/blistering heat and organizing bags full of luggage. Not so for the happy campervanner, setting up camp was as simple as parking up (with a bit of chocking to level the slope) and cracking open a beer (which had been kept cold by our on board fridge – more on that later). All of our luggage and food was already organized in the wardrobes and cupboards.

Motorhome Rent UK helpfully provided us with a phone number in case of any problems whilst we were away. This proved useful when I couldn’t figure out how to use the water pump properly on the first day so I called them up and they were able to sort it straight away – they even gave me instructions over facetime!

It’s worth bearing in mind that festival sites are not usually permanent campsites so there are no electricity hookups and water points are shared. We were reliant on battery and gas and filling up the tank required multiple trips to the tap with a watering can. The motorhome was equipped with a control panel to centrally operate the lights, water pump and to monitor the battery and water levels.

The 3-way (mains/battery/gas) fridge didn’t seem to perform too well off the battery, which wasn’t surprising given the record-breaking temperatures outside so we ran it off the gas. We managed to run the fridge for a full 9 days, wash up and have dozens of showers off a single gas bottle. What’s more, running the lights, pump and charging multiple phones over the 9 days barely made a dent in the two batteries.

Luxury Amenities

You can queue for hours for a shower at a festival, which is why many people simply don’t bother and just go feral for a few days. It was incredible to have our own hot shower. The small luxuries afforded by the motorhome allowed us to stop worrying about the little things (and the larger baby related things) and enjoy the festival more.

The fridge allowed us to keep the babies’ milk and food fresh, the lighting meant we could easily change nappies at night, the toilet meant we could nip to the loo at night without walking outside (or leaving the babies if just one of us was there), and the batteries meant we were able to keep our phones fully charged up the whole time. Being able to charge phones for our group was also really useful – and being able to offer them a hot shower and a cold beer made us very popular indeed!

Come the night I slept like I’d never slept before at a festival. Not too hot, not too cold, no sleeping bag zip getting stuck, no fumbling around with a torch to unzip the tent to go for a wee at 3am. The babies slept really well too (thank god!). Thumping baselines can be heard from Glastonbury’s South-East corner until 5.30 am, but the van reduced most of the noise – I’m not sure how well they would have slept in a tent.

When the final day arrived packing up was an altogether more relaxed affair than usual. With no tent of our own to take down, all we needed to do was put our belongings away in the cupboards and secure the doors. This gave us more time to help our group clear up camp whilst also watching the babies.

Overall Thoughts?

Hiring a motorhome turned out to be the ideal way to enjoy a festival with two small children. A motorhome takes away the discomfort and hassle, leaving you more time to enjoy the music. My wife, a Glastonbury regular since she was a teenager, said taking a motorhome “actually revolutionised her festival experience” and isn’t sure if she ever wants to go back to camping!

Finally, our experience hiring from Motorhome Rent UK was excellent. Their expertise and advice both before and during our trip was invaluable and really helped make our experience all the more enjoyable – thanks guys!

Do you want to rent a motorhome for a family holiday or festival? Contact us HERE!

January Motorhome Hire Up Helly Aa

January Motorhome Hire: Top Events to Make Your Trip Special

After the fun and festivities of December, January can seem a little bleak. Luckily, there are plenty of events throughout the UK and beyond to brighten up the start of the year. Here are our favourite events that are well worth a trip.

Haxey Hood, Lincolnshire

The Haxey Hood is a true celebration of English eccentricity which dates back 700 years. It is based on the folklore of the retrieval of a high Lady’s hood, which she lost when she had gone riding. As a reward for its return, she gifted several acres of land to the townspeople, under the condition they reenacted the hood’s return every year. The celebration is held on the 6th January each year. Participants go from pub to pub in procession lead by the town fool. Traditional dress is worn by many participants. A leather ball is passed around to represent the retrieved hood.

Additionally, children can get involved in the Twelve Sack Hoods game. 12 sacks are scattered across a field, and they must retrieve them and return them to the Lord at the top of the field without being tackled.

Edinburgh is a great place for a January break

Edinburgh is a great place for a January break

Burns Night, Scotland

On the 25th January, Scotland celebrates their national poet, Robert Burns. Events are held all over the country. Our recommendation would be to explore Edinburgh’s old town. You can book a table for a traditional Burns’ supper, complete with Haggis and Bagpipes! Alternatively,  head to a Ceilidh to try out some fancy footwork.

You can even get a Burns introduction at the historical Edinburgh Castle.


Festival of Lights, Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s Light Festival runs from November through to January. You can enjoy it after Christmas when the town is much quieter, and still just as beautiful. You can experience the light art installations by either boat until January 21st, or on foot until January 7th. They have been designed by renowned artists and architects, and bring a whole new edge to the pretty city. Many sites offer a shuttle bus or transport links right to the heart of the city centre.

St Dwynwen’s Day, Wales

January Motorhome Hire

Use your January motorhome hire to be romantic, without Valentines crowds

If Valentine’s Day is too commercialised for you and your beloved, why not try a romantic St Dwywen’s Day break on the 25th January? Dwynwen was a Welsh princess who became a nun after being unable to marry her true love. After her death was named the Patron Saint of lovers.

Make a pilgrimage to St Dwynwen’s Church at Llanddwyn Island on Anglesey for a cultural date, or take in the romantic scenery of the Brecon Beacons.


Up Helly AA Fire Festival, Shetland

This annual fire festival is held on the island of Shetland every year, with 2018’s on 30th January. The events celebrate the island’s Viking heritage, culminating in a procession that can boast 1000 participants and the burning of a traditional galley boat. You can take a ferry from mainland Scotland and book a pitch on the island. Take in the breath taking views by day as well as by firelight at night.

Dunkirk Carnival, France

The Dunkirk celebrations date back to the 17th century. Traditionally, the carnival was an epic send-off to the fishermen who would leave for months to fish for cod in the Atlantic. Every Saturday from January 13th to 3rd March you can expect music, balls, colourful dress and a party atmosphere.

Dublin Bowie Festival, Dublin

Motorhome Hire January

Hire a motorhome and explore Ireland’s vibrant music scene

Fans of the late hit maker and cultural icon can enjoy David Bowie’s music and influence across venues in Dublin from 5th-10th January 2018. Campsites around the city limits will allow you to escape to peace and tranquillity when you’re done with the music scene.



Have you been anywhere exciting in January? Let us know!

To book a January motorhome holiday get in touch on 01772 685949.


European Places That Get Even Better In Autumn

As the nights start closing in, many people imagine that the holiday season is over. But autumn can make for some beautiful holidays. Not only does scenery become more dramatic, but often prices are much cheaper and places are less crowded. Here are our top autumn escapes:


As the hen do and stag season ends, Amsterdam becomes even more charming. Wander the canals and take in cultural sites such as the Van Gough museum and the home of Anne Frank. Rent a bike and explore the famous Vondelpark while the leaves are vibrant and colourful.


This old fashioned town in Belgium is a perfect place to indulge in cosy winter sightseeing. There are a number of sites to pitch up with easy access to the main tourist areas. Of course, Belgium is famous for its confectionery, so make sure you get in a mug or two of delicious hot chocolate.


If colder months make curling up with a glass of wine seem even more inviting, where better to do it than the French town of Bordeaux. Drive past the traditional vineyards and take in the gourmet cuisine of this famous area.


The iconic German city has two Festival of Lights in October, making it a must see destination over Autumn. The tree lined Museum island and Tiergarten park by the Brandenburg gate are stunning at this time of year. Plus, once you’re done exploring you can warm up with a currywurst or steiner of traditional German beer.


Of course, we couldn’t leave out our home country. Close to our dealership, Blackpool is home to the famous Illuminations from September, so you can wrap up and take a stroll on the boardwalk with some fish and chips. Further away, bonfire night celebrations can be truly spectacular. Skinningrove Bonfire in Yorkshire sees the town set fire to a huge sculpture each year followed by an impressive fireworks display.


If you would like to rent a motorhome for an Autumn getaway, please call us on 01772 685949 or email

Have you got any recommendations for Autumn adventures? Let us know in the comments below!


Oktoberfest: Plan your trip today!

Oktoberfest: Plan Your Trip Today!

The German festival of Oktoberfest has dramatically risen in popularity over recent years. The mix of Bavarian culture, music and of course, beer, has drawn thousands of tourists and natives alike to the celebrations.

What Is Oktoberfest?

The traditional festival of Oktoberfest is held in Munich, Germany. It is a folk festival that celebrates the heritage of the area, and is known for its fantastic beer tents.

When is Oktoberfest?

The celebrations run from mid/late September to the first weekend in October. Originally, the festival was held in October (hence the name) but the dates changed over time to enjoy the warmer September weather. Visitors can attend for a day or for the full duration.

Is Oktoberfest Family Friendly?

Of course, beer drinking is a huge part of the Oktoberfest celebrations. However, guidelines for the festival limit music levels before 6pm. So in general during the day the atmosphere is more traditional with brass bands.

There is a large carnival on the Oktoberfest site, with plenty of funfair attractions and food stalls serving traditional German food.

In the evening, the festival tents have more of a modern party atmosphere which may not be as fun for families to enjoy together. So as the sun goes down, that could be a good time to relax in your motorhome!

Are There Places to Take a Motorhome or Caravan near Oktoberfest?

Yes, there are campsites with transport links direct to Oktoberfest. As you can imagine, these get booked up so advance reservations are essential.

How long would it Take Me to Drive to Munich from You?

Technically, you can drive there in 16 hours. However, to be safe (and much more enjoyable) we would recommend breaking down the journey into at least a couple of days. There are some lovely stop points you can go to on the way through France and Germany. Some people base their whole trip around Oktoberfest, but for others it is an interesting part of a busier itinerary.

If you want to book a motorhome for Oktoberfest, get in touch with us today!


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